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Dream House Entertainment Film Institute provides professional course that offers a Master of Art certificate in the following programmes:
Film Direction
Voice over and Dubbing
Radio Jockey
News Anchor

The course is design for all age group including (Working professionals, Students, Aspiring actors, Models, and everyone) We offer full time course and also Weekend Course by highly experienced professional to share their experince and knowledge,guide you start your career as professional.

Aspiring students are not just groomed but also provided a platform to showcase their skills training program. Over and above imparting the necessary skills to become professional in the field, the School helps the students explore their complete potential. The course feature a contemporary approach and focuses on developing craft, technique and the essential tools necessary to build a career as a professional.We at Dream House Entertainment have well experienced trainers in house to teach and polish your skills in a very different and easy way. We not only share and gives you detail knowledge of the field and the elements of performing art but we also make you understand how this industry works and how to find the right way..

Dream House Entertainment

Film Institute!!!!

Dream House Entertainment

Film Institute!!!!

About Us :

What We Do

We work as a team and help our students to learn, understand the technical part of course and guide them to start their career in Films, and Television.

Film Direction

Hands-On Learning Each student writes, shoots, directs and edits 3 films! we look for students who want to exceed their own expectations. We’re looking for unique, talented students who want to learn how to make an impact by creating content and entertainment that emotionally touches people. That’s when the student becomes the artist! View our students work in the gallery section for more details.


Students comes from all part of India to Pune. They want to learn and join Film, Television, and Advertising media. We at Dream House Entertainment act as teacher and advisor to all students who has passion to learn and work hard with their potential and knowledge. We are always their to help our students on every step of their career.

Film Editing

This introductory course allows students to explore the importance of narrative structure and how it's achieved through editing. Lessons include continuity, rhythm, pace, the role of editing in the final product, the aesthetics of editing style and the craft of hands-on editing work using typical film editing software.


We keep learning and experimenting new things for our students and share our knowledge to enhance their skills with new methods and technology. We keep them updated with new practices at our training centre.

Why We

We offer Courses to our students at very reasonable price with all those features required to learn the skill.We work as a team. We are well connected to Film and TV media. There is no need to spend huge amount of money to learn those courses which are available in our Institute at much lesser price. All those students serious about their career in film industry know and understand our point.

Acting Course

"The Course has helped aspirants to become successful in the field of acting and performing art.The Course has designed some scientific learning process which will help students to know about their weaknesses & strengths in acting. The healthy environment of our institute makes you joyful & focused on your aim". View our students work in the gallery section for more details


The VFX course is designed to equip highly creative and driven computer graphics professionals with the knowledge and skills to create photorealistic computer graphics and integrate them seamlessly with live action footage. This will range from set extensions through vehicles to body part replacements and simulations. Participants will work within the industry standards for software and camera equipment.

Radio Jockey

Diction, Accent, Intonation, Modulation, Variation Script writing for Radio Program/Promo/Jingle/Advt Presenting script as RJ with modulation Role play for how to interact with Listeners over the phone Designing n conceptualizing of Radio Show Understanding how to lend voice for Advt/Jingle/Promo/RJ Mention How to prepare n Understand songs genre and other music n film

Our Course


Short Term Certificate Course

Designed equally for beginning actors as well as those with experience, the Dream House Entertainment Institute provides actors with intensive training in screen acting, modern on-camera acting techniques, and supporting acting classes.We offer short term course for acting and also an opportunity to work in short film , The students will learn the following components during the training session
Overcoming Stage Fear, Dialogue Delivery, Pre Audition in front of camera, Body Language Improvisation, Personality Development., Scene Analysis and, Psychology of Acting.
The workshop gives an opportunity to students to work in short film. The student is also required to participate during the film script development. All these are essentially and the exercise for acting. View our students work in the gallery section for more details

Training Session!

We invite professional teachers and prominent personalities from TV, Theatres, Film Editors ,Casting Directors and Film Makers to conduct lectures. We make you understand yourself, your potential and passion. We show you the right way to start your career in the field of cinema."


The Visual Effects program at DHE provides the industry's most comprehensive curriculum by leveraging the knowledge and facilities of our world-renowned Computer Animation and Advanced TV and Film programs.By the end of the program the student will demonstrate the artistic and technical abilities required in visual effects by producing a demo reel showing the creation and integration of live action footage and 2D and/or 3D computer generated images.

Film Editing

“The essence of cinema is editing, This course gives students the necessary skills to edit with software and a theoretical toolset for approaching different projects. The course explores theoretical and technical approaches to editing. Students are provided footage to edit various projects over the course: a music video, trailer, short documentary, and a short narrative scene. Film editors need the ability to take a piece of raw imagery and create a completed story. ”

Direction for Film & TV

Short Term Certificate Course

Designed equally for beginners which will give a comprehensive training in producing short films for cinema and television by senior and experienced faculty and practicing filmmakers. Anyone with an interest in filmmaking is eligible for this course. The course will provide you an opportunity to explore about the nuances of Film Direction for Film & TV. Students here get trained in the visualization process of both Cinema and Television. Not only should a director know the ability to script well and show a towering sense of leadership but should also be very well conversant with all the other technical fields of the audio-visual process. View our students work in the gallery section for more details.


Cinematography is the art and technique of camera and lighting in the making of a motion picture film. It involves technical concerns such as camera, lens, format, and lighting instruments just to name a few, as well as various methods related to composition and subject modelling in order to tell the story.In Cinematography 2, the art of camera and lighting goes further to the very core of this subject matter - visual storytelling. Students learn and apply fundamental techniques of exposure, subject modelling, set lighting, and the basic methods for moving the camera. This course helps students understand the role of the Director of Photography and how he or she adds emotion and visual style to the look of a scene. A variety of concepts, techniques, and hands-on training are combined to further essential skills on camera, lighting and gripping.

Video Gallery



100% Placement Assistance*

Our students are placed with some of the top studios, production house, advertising agency, & corporate organizations in the industry:

On successfully completing a career course with Dream House Entertainment, you could be eligible for job placement assistance. Students of Dream House Entertainment received job placements in top companies across India. These companies hired candidates for a wide range of job profiles in Asistant Film Direction, Acting, Film Editing, Cinematography, publishing, and other related fields.


What People Say

  • Pankaj Shaha

    It doesn't seem that art can be taught, but a large part of filmmaking is a set of basic skills that can be learned fairly quickly at DHE institute. You could also learn them by volunteering on a film set but already having them might make it easier to get that production assistant position on a film set to begin with.

  • Sunny

    Dream house has helped me to learn and develop my acting skills through improvisation , dialogue delivery , voice and diction, scene analysis and personality development. It has also provided me with many opportunities to work in Shortfilms and has also given me an insight about the film and TV industry.

  • Priyanka

    The month-long course at the DHE was a fascinating and challenging experience. I learnt a huge amount about Cinematography thanks to the trainers who helped and guided me throughout the course, and in the making of the final film.

  • Shree

    DHE improved my way to walk, talk and behave. Excellent teacher, encourages us to take different characters, teaches us to manipulate our voice through various exercises. Body language improvement, dialogue delivery techniques, and their teaching takes us out from our shell and challenges us to think out of the box.

  • Sakshi John

    My experience with Dream House was amazing. I never acted in my life, but with Dream House I discovered an actor in me. The sessions are systematically created for us to overcome stage fear and feel the depth of acting. I will recommend this class to people who are interested in acting and those who have never done acting. If you have the passion to act, Dream House will make it happen.

  • Ashish Batra

    Fantastic experience and I would strongly recommend the Film Editing course. It encourages you to think analytically and creatively, and also gives you the opportunity to realise your own movie ideas..

  • Nishudan Jagtap

    Great Stage to overcome stagefear, voice dictation,Dialougue practice,Full Acting Experience,Lots of opportunities to work in short films,Best for Improvisation,Developed my own personality.

  • Alka Mathur

    I had wanted to understand the process of film making and Dream House Entertainment did a really good job of giving us a wealth of practical experiences in a short period of time. They have a lot of ‘real world’ experience, This is the kind of program that allows you to focus on learning the craft and develop yourself in terms of your career I came into the school being quite intimidated by film jargon and intense on-set atmosphere, but I left feeling confident in my abilities and my understanding of what it takes to make something that I feel is meaningful.

  • Neha Chauhan

    DHE changed the way i saw things. This class always started with acting improvement exercises which helped me a lot in concentration and overcome breathlessness when delivering dialogues. It taught me many things especially how to take on different characters and how to reveal them honestly. I am so glad i took this course. I will forever be grateful to Amrit sir, he is an incredible teacher who kept me focused and interested in whatever he taught. If you are interested in learning the craft of acting, this is the place.

  • Prachi

    DHE is the first place where I learnt my acting skills. Even though I was there for short period of time I can say each class was always fun. Amrit sir made each class interesting with new games to bring out the actor within all of us. Because of this class I was able to audition for a competition called 9x Jhakaas Heroine 2 on 9x channel within almost 1 month of class. Thankful to DHE for all the experiences.

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